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TARGSECOEX S.L. was established as a freight forwarding company in 1993 in view of the expected changes in the activities related to foreign trade, and especially with customs agencies in connection with the incorporation of Spain into the European Economic Community.

Since then and until now our company has managed to build within the services related to foreign trade through its policy of offering a personalized and excellent service at very competitive prices.

Targsecoex is a family company and as such, it has a very clear philosophy, based on direct communication with the customer and a very personalized, for this reason, dedication and delivery of its staff is the main asset available for total customer satisfaction.

Targsecoex is sure to mee all our customers expectations, as well as specific arrangements imposed by the customs authorities and which our company should resolve with a deep knowledge in customs legislation. In a highly dynamic and complex field like customs clearance, our technical team has made it possible to offer the best service and professional advice to all those companies whose operations are closely linked to the chemical.

The XXI century positions us in a more globalized world and our company will be present at these events, with the help of our loyal clients using us as their partners in their logistics services.