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About us
TARGSECOEX, SL founded in 1993 and located in Barcelona, AV Francesc Cambo, 17 to 10 ļ A, it has an infrastructure capable of supporting all the needs of their customers trades and offering a comprehensive service anywhere in the world, offering personalized service and develop a quality policy based on maintaining a highly qualified staff continuously trained "by providing all the tools and necessary means" for the purpose of securing satisfaction based on consistently excellent treatment, and a philosophy work associated with the prevention and correction rather than offering a personal service where clients can receive real time information about the document management of your goods.

As a specialized in import, export, transit shipments, organizing all logistics and carriers, negotiating rates for our customers and from all parts of the world, we require their employees quick and detailed responses to approach the reality of the concept "TRANSIT TIME. "
In a company like TARGSECOEX, SL optimizing their resources is essential and new techonologies gives us that added to continue and provide the professionalism that distinguishes us with a substantial improvement in the quality of full service towards achieving objectives the "OAS."


TARGSECOEX, SL offers a quality service certified QMS QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS LTD according to international standards ISO 9001:2008 UNE continually reviewed and thus aiming to achieve our award: SU-FI

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